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Posing and Photoshoot Tips

Ever wonder why you look better in some photos than others? It’s often a simple matter of a slight angle adjustment. It’s surprising how a small change in your posture can have a big impact on the resulting images.

Here are some posing techniques that will help you look your best in photos.

1. Turn the Shoulders and Hips Slightly to the Camera

While often considered a basic technique, it’s an important one. Since the shoulders are the widest part of the body, if they are shot straight on, they will look larger. While this is ideal if you’re an athlete, most people won’t be going for this look! A slight turn, or different camera angle will result in a slimmer profile and help you look more natural.

2. “If It Bends, Bend It!“

This is a well-known saying for many portrait photographers, and for good reason. Straight and stiff is not a good look for anyone. Straight torso, legs, and arms will result in flat and unnatural photos. Regardless if you are sitting, standing, or lying down; add a slight bend in the arm, a tuck of the leg, a tilt of the head, and suddenly you will feel great and look better. For full-body shots, lean – ever so slightly towards the camera.

3. Angle the Arm

Have your arms relaxed by resting your hands on your hip, fingers in the pocket, or holding something looks good. You want to avoid having your arms pressed against your sides.

4. Relax

Just be yourself. There is no need to try and capture perfection. We will take plenty of photos so you can choose. The best smiles are when you relax and enjoy the experience and let it shine through.

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